Planted Cities

Aswell as exhibiting our waste bench on Granary Square, Kings Cross as part of Planted Cities, Helen Gordon, 1 of our co-founders was invited to be part of a panel talk at Planted Cities, discussing The Anthropocene Epoch along with other panelists, Ian Burn (Camira Fabric), and Tommie Eaton (BambuuBrush).

Planted is the first sustainable events and media platform promoting nature-based design. Their purpose is to reconnect people and spaces with nature. They present a more sustainable vision of the future by showcasing beautiful design today which improves our tomorrow. They explore how design, sustainability, food production, architecture and nature can combine to create cleaner, greener, healthier spaces.

Hosted by Sam Peters, we discussed the Anthropocene Epoch, an unofficial unit of geologic time, used to describe the most recent period in Earth’s history when human activity started to have a demonstrable impact on the planet’s climate and ecosystems. How do we harness these toxic by-products and create circular productions systems which remove it from the environment in a bid to clean our planet?

Here’s Helen’s panel talk with Ian Burn from Camira, Tommi Eaton from Bambuu Brush and Sam Peters Co-Founder of Planted Cities.

Such a great conversation about Unnatural Waste and ways in which industry is changing to look at holistic alternatives that nature has to offer!