The Build/ Project Management

The Build:

We offer a comprehensive range of construction services to take your project from conception to completion. Our established team of tried and tested craftsmen and tradesmen, including ground workers, electricians, carpenters, plumbers, roofers, data network engineers, decorators, and builders take pride in the work they produce. We want to future proof your property and so we ensure that the quality and finish of all our refurbishments is of the highest standard possible within the budget.

As all work is carried out by our own trusted team who work with us continually, we are able to eliminate the delays encountered when independently recruited trades arrive out of sequence and without concern for the overall progress of the job.

We trust in open and precise communication to keep everything on track.

Our approach to costing reflects this – it’s based on meticulous calculations and planning, which gives us a clearer understanding of your project. We will produce a full scope of works with a transparent costing sheet listing every item required in the scheme.  We will go through this in detail with you and ensure that all areas are covered before we go to construction stage. We like to plan ahead and do not like last minute surprises.

Our sustainability goals mean that we are putting in procedures to minimise waste on site, use recycling centres where possible and reuse what we can on other projects. We can also advise on the best environmental practices for your build.

Project Management:

Once the final quotation and start date has been agreed, we will begin the construction process. You will be assigned a dedicated project manager to oversee your project from start to finish. They will also be your point of contact throughout the project ensuring continuity.

They will inspect the works on site, communicate with the team and ensure every stage of the project is undertaken to quality, to price, and on time. We will also produce weekly site reports to ensure you are totally informed throughout the project

At the end of the works, we will ensure all the required certification has been obtained and liaise with your local authority to obtain your certificate of completion.


Our Approach


Free Consultation

to discuss your requirements. Detailed design fee proposal put together


Site Survey

Upon instruction a full internal measured survey of the property is conducted.


Concept Development

CAD drawings of existing building, Site map, proposed plans and elevations are produced from the site survey. Our design team will then work with you to create that unique design you are looking for ensuring that we work to your budget.



Once your design is finalised, we are happy that it won’t conflict with structural requirements and it fits within the council’s guidelines, if necessary, we prepare and submit your application for planning permission or permitted development. We then act on your behalf responding to any enquiries and making sure that the application stays on track.


The Pre-Build Stage

Once the design and planning are in place there is still a lot that needs to be organised before work can commence. We produce full structural drawings, calculations, building regulation drawings, and any constructions method statements .Temporary Works Design and Licences to Alter all happen during this stage (this list is by no means exhaustive). Most importantly this is where we generate the quote to build your project.


The Quote

Once we understand the design and full extent of the project, we generate a full scope of work detailing all aspects of the build and associated costs listed in a detailed quotation. Once the costs are agreed we wok under various contracts depending on the scope of works. Attached to any contract will be the detailed scope of works and a payment schedule.


Pre-Commencement and Schedule of Work

Vital to a successful project is producing a detailed schedule of work setting out the key stages of the build. A timeline will be produced highlighting the key elements of the project that need to be synchronised to ensure timely delivery to site. Building control and any other statutory bodies will be notified at this stage.


The Build

The build can now take place and you will be introduced to our Project Manager who will be responsible for looking after you for the duration of the project.

They manage all items required on site, are forecasted with realistic lead times and will ensure the project is running on time and in line with the agreed quote and specification. For the duration of your project we will ensure that our sites are compliant with health and safety, we will monitor temporary works and manage all liaison with the council and building control.

We constantly check the standard and quality of the work.


Project Management

For the duration of your work we will keep you abreast of what is happening on a weekly basis, and inform you on progress.



During the finishing stage, the site will become a hive of activity with specialist tradesmen applying the finishing touches to the build. Once our specialist tradesmen have completed their work, we conduct an indepth snagging procedure signing off all the final elements to our usual high finish. If we have also been instructed to provide any interior installations the site will be prepared for the installation.


Interior Installation

Once the site has been prepared, we can then carry out the final install of furniture and soft furnishings.


The Completion

At the end of the project, we will carry out a complete inspection of the works with you and together we will sign off the project. You will be left with all the Manuals, Associated Certificates, Warranties and Instructions for equipment that has been fitted in your newly renovated property.

You will be left with all the Manuals, Associated Certificates, Warranties and Instructions for equipment that has been fitted in your newly renovated property.


Every project is meticulously measured and quantified to give us a clear understanding of the projects needs. This allows us to produce accurate costings and plan your project accordingly so you always get a transparent and fair price.

Bruce Gordon

Co-Founder and Managing Director


I found their customer service and reliability first class. There are always problems when carrying out these types of projects. Since I do not live nearby, I relied on both of them to solve problems and take important decisions on my behalf. Bruce’s team is very skilled, tidy and respectful and the work was carried out to a very high standard with attention to detail.

Troy Mitchell

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