Explore what regenerative living means to you and how to apply the principles in your project;

An in depth consultation, develops a bespoke design solution tailored to your needs; balancing natural resources with human values and technology, while considering the social, cultural and climatic impacts that apply to your project.

Re-imagining spaces and furniture to create positive impact for the environment and human health;



By putting people and the planet at the heart of everything we do, our regenerative approach delivers significant benefits.

As we spend over 90% of our time inside, maintaining a safe and balanced atmosphere is a fundamental requirement.

We believe in creating environments that promote a better quality of life, encourage health, stimulate creativity, comfort, wellness, and encourage positive behaviour.

By minimising the negative impact to the planet, we leave a positive legacy.

Evidence based Research.

The constraints of a place, building and vision for the project all have a unique design and character which requires a bespoke approach to ensure it’s success.

In collaboration with all stakeholders involved in a project, using various regenerative frameworks including our regenerative framework we look holistically at place, taking time to gather evidence to build a complete picture and develop a brief that will ensure the best project outcome, that encourages the wellbeing of the building occupiers and fulfils the requirements of the client.

For existing buildings that are to be refurbished we carry out an initial audit of the space to understand what from the interior and furniture can be kept and re-used or recycled.

We can design for whole spaces or just elements, like a kitchen or piece of furniture.

Our Regenerative Living Framework;

When designing we apply our Regenerative Living Framework to every project;

Lifecentred design is an emerging approach that expands on human-centred design by considering sustainable, environmental, and social implications and we use this approach within our framework.

When designing and creating a space we consider all criteria within the framework to ensure that all life can flourish.

Using a circular process in the design and manufacture ensures that waste is designed out.

The furniture can be updated with new parts, be re-used or integrated into new contexts.

By sourcing and making good quality long lasting items benefits the client and the planet.


Designing and Creating using Renewable materials to ensure we minimise environmental impact by reducing pollutants in our environments, and enhancing the recyclability of materials, to increase energy and material efficiency.



Our Ethical and Transparent values ensure that we only partner with the most sustainable suppliers using a vigorous quality assurance process where we can trace all parts of the supply chain.


Using a circular process in our design and manufacture of our products ensures that waste is designed out and all the furniture can be updated with new parts, be re-used or integrated into new contexts. By sourcing and making good quality long lasting items benefits the planet and the client.

Embodied Carbon;

  • We are in the early stages of working out the total energy and carbon savings of our projects.
  • We are sourcing the most sustainable materials we can find
  • We have started to collate all materials information
  • We plan to produce a carbon calculator to show our carbon journey to reduce to net zero.
  • We are also looking at how we can show the embodied carbon that we are using.
  • By using materials such as repurposed agricultural waste, modular fixing methods that allow our products to be repurposed, and local supply chains we are reducing energy levels in production and our carbon generation with the aim to reduce our emissions to achieve net zero carbon by 2030.

We believe that all good design starts from the inside out. The constraints of a building and vision for the project, all have a unique design and character which requires a bespoke approach to ensure it’s success.

Helen Gordon

Co-Founder and Creative Director

Our Process.

Our expertise at working holistically across projects from the design through to creation ensures that what has been designed does translate accurately into construction and can be repurposed in the future.

  1. Vision and evidence gathering including pre-occupancy survey
  2. Develop the brief.
  3. The concept
  4. Initial design ideas
  5. Detailed designs/working drawings
  6. Implementation/construction
  7. Handover
  8. In-use and evaluations on-going.

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We would both highly recommend Kite to work with on any project you have in mind. Their team is incredibly hard working, professional and reliable and you can trust the judgement on design 100%. They both worked to the schedule and completed the house on time.

Sandra & Peter Nicholls