Building Sustainability Podcast

Helen our co-founder recently was a part of The Building Sustainability Podcast.
This is what Jeffrey Hart of the podcast described the episode as;

“What if we told you that the journey to sustainability involves more than just recycling and reducing emissions? Prepare to be enthralled as we navigate through transformational narratives of businesses pivoting towards sustainable and regenerative projects. We share the intriguing story of an Oxfordshire project that breathed new life into discarded barn doors by repurposing them as shelves, countertops, and a dining table. Witness how embracing imperfections and honouring craft can, in fact, revolutionise the way we view sustainability.

Daring to challenge the traditional models of capitalism, Helen proposes a fresh perspective on creating ethical and regenerative business models. We discuss the potential of creating a material passport, life cycle analysis, and other revolutionary concepts to promote transparency and traceability for customers. The episode also explores the exciting potential of often-overlooked materials like mycelium, hemp, and food waste, hinting at the boundless possibilities for future sustainable projects.

Lastly, we reflect on the critical role of designers and creatives in driving a change towards a sustainable future. The episode highlights how designers’ innovative ideas coupled with scientific facts can stimulate significant transformations. We also delve into the concept of regeneration, it’s potential to remap ecosystems, and re-establish local communities. Buckle up for a thought-provoking journey that challenges your conventional understanding of sustainability and presents a fresh perspective on transforming our world for the better.”

Listen here;