Spring Fair panel with the Future Collective

As part of Interior Design Declares Helen recently sat on a panel with the Future Collective at the Spring Fair. We have received some great press from The Giftware Association.

“In a compelling panel discussion hosted by Interior Design Declares on How do we meet the needs of the 21st-century conscious client?, passionate interior design specialists including Mathew Freeman, Founder – Freeman Studio, Nicola Holden, Director – Nicola Holden Design, Emer Gillespie, Director and Designer – Spark and Bell Lighting Design, and Helen Gordon, Founder – Kite Creative, highlighted the need for a mindset shift in the industry.


Advocating for change, they explored the challenges and opportunities of adopting a circular and transparent business model in retail interior design. The collaborative movement, uniting industry leaders, store owners, designers, and suppliers, aims to promote sustainability and embrace conscious choices for overall health and wellbeing. Real-world examples and case studies illustrated successful implementations of their principles, making the concepts tangible.


In summary, the Interior Design Declares panel discussion served as a rallying cry for positive change in the retail interior design industry, offering valuable insights for professionals and enthusiasts passionate about design, sustainability, and conscious consumerism.”