Sustainability is no longer a satisfactory approach towards reversing climate change. Rather than trying to do less harm, going forward everything we do must have a net positive impact on our environment.

The definition of regenerate according to The English Cambridge Dictionary is “relating to something growing, or being grown, or being grown again”.

By embracing approaches that restore ecosystems, reunite communities, that collectively enhance the health of people, place and planet we can restore what has been lost and regenerate towards a much brighter future than with the current “sustainability” approach.

Imagine a world where human health and the needs of the planet are at the forefront of the design for the spaces you live, work, play and learn in. Where ultimate wellbeing is the by-product of the built environment around you.

Changemakers, Kite is on a mission to reverse the irresponsible design trends of the past and regenerate for a better life, by consciously designing and creating regenerative solutions for the Commercial and Residential spaces of the future.

Our purposeful philosophy means that we go beyond the aesthetic, ensuring that the wellness of the human and the planet are considered at every stage to encourage a better quality of life for all, that will minimise the negative impact to the planet.

Working with science and nature in a truly integrated approach we collaboratively create and enable innovative interiors, furniture, and props applying our three guiding principles, “renewable”, “traceable” and “re-usable” to every project we undertake.






Taking inspiration from nature we consciously design restorative solutions for the built environment and its users.




Our workshop allows us to create regenerative solutions for your interior. Adopting circular processes within our work we are striving to eradicate using polluting materials and to moving manufacturing to a circular way of working where waste is reused and repurposed, where what we produce will stand the test of time and enable numerous lifecycles.

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To live is to remain alive, to experience, to learn, to love, to create. It’s also about making your home in a particular place or with a particular person. With true meaning and purpose we can focus not only on eating, shelter and water but also mental health and our happiness.

90% of our time is spent indoors so it is important that we design our living spaces to ensure increased health, to stimulate creativity, comfort, wellness and encourage positive behaviour.

We can help you achieve this and continue to ensure that your wellbeing is supported after the project has completed.

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Special Projects

We have the expertise and experience to create more specialised items for your interior, including both large and small scale props, models, sculptures, fixtures or signage for your film, TV set, retail shop, bar or home.

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You have a very special resource with Kite.

In a world with so many cowboys and where problems are a slopey shoulders/finger pointing exercise it is good to find some quality and integrity.

I think you will find that you have a partner you can trust to deliver your project.

John Mountford