Renewable. Traceable. Re-useable.

Creating and enabling the Commercial, Residential and Hospitality Interiors of the future, using sustainable design and build processes.

How we work

With the wellness of the human and the planet at the centre of our philosophy we strive to encourage a better quality of life for all, that will minimise the negative impact to the planet and create positive change.

Taking inspiration from nature we collaboratively design and create innovative interiors, products and experiences using renewable, traceable and re-useable materials and resources from our natural environment.

Our passion for sustainable design

We are changemakers, on a mission to reverse irresponsible design trends of the past and regenerate for a better future. We are leading the change from an immaterial world, to a new world of living, where we collaborate to help restore our planet and the people that live on it; where health is the new indicator of increasing value, rather than simply for financial gains.

We have a responsibility as designers to lead the way and implement change in the construction industry.




Taking inspiration from nature we consciously design restorative solutions for the built environment and its users.




We have set up our joinery workshop to offer more sustainable options to our clients than we can find on the market.

We source responsibly, searching for the most eco-sustainable materials we can find to help minimise environmental impact and enhance the recyclability of materials, increasing energy and material efficiency.

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Construction and Project Management

We can take care of the construction of your project or simply provide our project management skills to ensure the smooth running and timely completion.

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You have a very special resource with Kite.

In a world with so many cowboys and where problems are a slopey shoulders/finger pointing exercise it is good to find some quality and integrity.

I think you will find that you have a partner you can trust to deliver your project.


John Mountford