London Design Fair is now over and it was great to have been involved with “Planted”, the first contemporary design event and digital forum aimed at reconnecting spaces with nature.

Partnering with River Cottage to build a bar for their natural living area we are completely aligned with the values of Planted for only choosing partners who place nature and the environment at the heart of their business.

According to Planted on their website;

“We present a more sustainable vision of the future by showcasing beautiful design today which improves our tomorrow. We explore how design, sustainability, food production, architecture and nature can combine to create cleaner, greener, healthier spaces. “

We seek to present positive design solutions to environmental challenges and are committed to effecting positive and lasting change in our industry and beyond. “

We love their philosophy and we decided to get involved as they are trying to bring fresh ideas and solutions to the idea of a trade fair. Being a spectator and exhibitor at various Home fairs over the years I have become particularly jaded by the staid formulaic corporate fair that is continually rolled out year after year, with considerably harder conditions for the exhibitors who very often can only treat the fair as a marketing exercise rather than a place to secure orders.

The Bar.

Working with River Cottage have created a fully sustainable bar using natural materials, that can be repurposed in the future for subsequent trade fairs. Following a circular process where waste is designed out, this has been delivered using a combination of locally sourced reclaimed timber and renewable/recyclable materials, helping to reduce the embodied carbon content and keep toxins to a low level.

We have designed a modular system that can be broken down into 4 sections for ease of storage and future use. The front of the bar contains 3 decorative panels made from poplar ply, recycled pallets, floorboards and timbers that can be completely removed and replaced as and when required. The carcass has been constructed from exterior grade Poplar Ply, an extremely sustainable material due to its renewable qualities, and it has been built using a glue less construction using metal fixings, and recycled adjustable plastic feet to allow repurposing and recycling in the future. The frame is made from recycled timbers and the worktop is made from Richlite Paper, an incredibly durable material made from layers of recycled or sustainably harvested FSC Certified Paper. Containing an area to display plants on the top of the bar along with the River Cottage sign this aesthetic and environmental bar will provide a sustainable resource to serve River Cottage need for many a year to come.

Being part of the Natural Living area it was a privilege to be among some inspiring brands.

Highlights of the fair for us were;


  1. LSA International
  2.  The LSA stand– the Eden Project inspired stand from LSA which really created a theatrical space and brought their glass to life in such an organic way.



An award-winning creative practice who pursue a design approach that explores the relationship of lighting and large scale installations in immersive environments. The designers produce elements and installations that push the boundaries of engineering whilst bearing the incentive of a continuous afterlife.

We particularly loved “Cocoon” a decorative pendant that is made from 3d printed sawdust bound together with lignin, powered by OLED technology.
A biophilic design company that uses plants to bring plants alive in new and imaginative ways.

4. The Green Grads Showcase

An exhibition curated by Barbara Chandler shown at the Samsung Building in Coal Drops Yard that presented 30 design graduates who had not been able to exhibit due to COVID. All focusing on nature, sustainability and greener designs for the future we loved that they were given the opportunity to showcase their inspiring innovative projects, such as Callum Wardles’ Plastic Ocean Waste.

We love that Planted are shining a spotlight on companies who are trying to lead the way with change and for their commitment to be the first zero-waste design event where all by-products from their physical shows are either recycled, repurposed and/or reused.
We thank Planted  for giving us the opportunity to contribute to this by designing and building the River Cottage repurposeful bar.