Kite pivots the company in 2021

Kite was founded in 2014 to simplify the journey and experience for clients undertaking a build project. We believe that every human deserves the right to live and work in an inspired environment, and so we have set about creating a home from home experience where the details matter; offering a transparent process, a reputation for quality and delivering on time and budget, over the last seven years, Kite has completed over 65 full refurbishments.

Before Covid-19, Kite was a purposeful company that cared for the wellbeing of the end-user. However, the company did not focus enough on sustainability and its own impact on the environment. Given that the built environment is a major contributor towards global emissions, Kite realised they had to take a stand and no longer work in half measures.

To support this company shift, Kite re-evaluated its values, has rebranded and is working towards net zero goals as well as achieving several of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

We are on a mission to reverse the irresponsible design trends of the past and regenerate for a better future. With our philosophy now centred on the wellness of humans and the planet we are focusing on designing and building interior spaces and the furniture that occupies them to ensure increased health, to stimulate creativity, offer comfort, wellness and encourage positive behaviour.

By concentrating on protecting our planet we are designing and building consciously to reduce our carbon emissions, decrease our rates of consumption and to source more ethically, helping to diminish child labour and restore equilibrium to our planet.

Kite have set up a workshop in 2021 to offer more sustainable options to its clients than could be found on the existing market. All interior joinery items can be made not only from wood but many other sustainable materials.

Using our regenerative framework centred around a health and wellbeing philosophy, we apply our 3 guiding principles to every project we work on.

1: Renewable – sourcing responsibly and locally;

2: Traceable – fully traceable product components;

3: Re-usable – shifting to a circular process.

We don’t just talk our values we live and breathe them.